Writing Recommendations

Our registration procedure includes the obligatory completion of the sample assignment. Your test paper will be forwarded to a professional who is going to evaluate your command of English, your knowledge of the citation styles and the writing skills overall.

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What Falls under Evaluation?

  • Your fluency in English
  • Concise and clear manner of expression
  • Deep knowledge of the common citation styles
  • The delivery of a top-quality and non-plagiarized papers
  • Your ability to submit the orders in a timely manner

Your fluency in English

Once you submit the sample for evaluation, the person in charge will assess how fluent your English is. Moreover, the amount of grammatical, speech and spelling mistakes will also be taken into consideration. Your aim is to avoid them completely.

Concise and Clear manner of Expression

It is vital that you can put your thoughts in a concise manner and provide valid facts supported by the reliable sources. You should avoid tautology and make sure there are several arguments in your paper.

Deep Knowledge of the Common Citation Styles

It is of paramount importance to have command of the most common referencing style as most professors require to provide the citations and provide references to the outside sources. Moreover, it will help you stay away from plagiarism.

The Delivery of a Top-Quality and Non-Plagiarized Papers

Plagiarism-free paper is a key to success. If you submit the original and custom written sample, you assure us and the customers that you are a reliable writer and can handle important tasks.

Your Ability to Submit the Orders in a Timely Manner

You have to manage your time effectively, and once you submit the sample essay we will have a more or less clear understanding of how much time you need to complete a certain type of work. Moreover, it is important that you follow the deadlines in order to meet the customers' expectations.